The 2024 Q1 Sales Salary Guide

A lot of you will be putting out feelers, negotiating salaries, and actively looking for new sales roles this month, so it's important to know your worth. 

Based on the latest numbers from RepVue, sellers reported higher base salaries across all roles compared to a year ago, and higher on-target earnings for all roles but one.

If you weren’t planning to ask for a raise or look for a better paying gig, you might change your mind after seeing what other sales professionals are earning:

(Data current as of January 3, 2024)

Sales Development Reps / Business Development Reps

Median Base Salary: 55K
Median OTE: 80K
Top Earners: 130K+
Quota Attainment: 53.4%

SMB Account Executives

Median Base Salary: 65K
Median OTE: 130K
Top Earners: 267K+
Quota Attainment: 41.1%

Mid-Market AEs

Median Base Salary: 85k
Median OTE: 160K
Top Earners: 389K+
Quota Attainment: 41.4% hit quota

Enterprise AEs

Median Base Salary: 130K
Median OTE: 250K
Top Earners: 617K+
Quota Attainment: 38.2%

Account Manager
Median Base: 93K
Median OTE: 165K
Top Earners: 397K+
Quota Attainment: 49.8%

Solutions Consultant / Sales Engineer
Median Base: 135K
Median OTE: 190K
Top Earners: 391K+
Quota Attainment: 58.1%

Customer Success Manager
Median Base: 95K
Median OTE: 125K
Top Earners: 211K+
Quota Attainment: 64.4%

Of course, a number of other factors will affect your ultimate earning potential, such as industry and location. For more details and the most up-to-date information, follow the links above or check out RepVue’s free salary calculator.

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