Advice: "My new manager is micromanaging me like crazy. What can I do?"

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Dear Quota Team

I just started a new sales role about two months ago. When I was interviewing, I was told that the management gives their reps autonomy, and that the company is big on work-life balance. This was one of my major reasons for accepting the role, and I even took a (small) pay cut to come work here, because at my last job, I was regularly working over sixty hours a week.  

It turns out that this place is nothing like what they sold me. My sales manager basically watches my every move. We are remote two days a week and in-person the other three. On one remote day recently, I logged into our system a few minutes late because my kid’s school bus was delayed in the morning and I got a message from him asking why I was late and saying that he “expects excellence” and wants people who “take this job seriously” working for him.

On another occasion (this one in person), he “joined” my calls for two-hours. And I’m not talking about reviewing calls together, I’m talking about literally jumping into the calls and listening live as I talked to my prospects. Afterwards, he said it was a “good learning experience” (for him) and it showed him “what we need to work on to make you a winner.” I couldn’t believe it. 

I got so frustrated that I actually went to one of the other sales managers and (confidentially) asked if it was possible to switch teams. He told me that it wasn’t his decision to make and that if my manager found out about it, he would be really upset with me. 

In your opinion, is there anything I can do to change this situation, or am I stuck dealing with this micromanager until he (or I) leaves? Thanks in advance. 

Suffocated in Location Withheld 


Dear Suffocated,

It’s time to update your resume and start reaching out to your network, because it’s highly unlikely things will get better where you are. Not only were you misled during your interview, but it doesn’t sound like the company cares much about their employees. Start applying. The sooner you get out of your current role, the better off you’ll be.

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