How Edgar Sanchez Built the Foundation for a Great Sales Career

What started as a stepping stone for Edgar Sanchez turned into a successful 19-year career at Cox Communications.

Edgar Sanchez made the decision to leave the banking industry in Omaha, Nebraska at just 21 years old.

He applied for a role at Cox Communications, not knowing anything about the communications field or what it meant to be in sales. In fact, 8 months into his time as a salesperson, he told his manager that he wasn’t sure if he was a good fit as a salesperson.

But instead of pushing him into a different role, his manager gave him the tools he needed to be successful. With his manager’s support, Edgar was given the opportunity to attend Foundations, a year-long program catered to team members that were interested in a leadership role. During the course, he learned a lot about himself, and what it meant to be a leader. Edgar understood that it wasn’t a title or seniority that make you a leader, but confidence, integrity and passion.

This allowed Edgar – at that point a little more than a year into his sales career – to start building relationships in his territory, and he immediately saw improvement.

“I was able to build the foundation of great customer service; of just taking care of people,” Edgar said.

The result of those efforts over his 10-year career in retail? Eight Winners Circle recognitions: an award Cox grants to top salespeople (with a luxury vacation as the prize).

Edgar’s resolve and commitment to self-improvement both underscore a common theme at Cox. Whether you’re new to a role, or are looking to try something new, there is an abundance of opportunities at Cox where you can find success. Similarly, the leaders of Cox are also committed to your success and will help identify training and learning opportunities for their team members to help drive continual improvement.

Now Edgar works as a strategic account specialist, a role that supports field sales teams in optimizing the business and removing roadblocks that sales representatives may encounter. He made the move out of retail sales and into the business operations around the time his son was born, recognizing that it was role better suited for his new job: being a father!

While it was difficult to move on from such a successful time in sales, Edgar knew that it was important to find a role at Cox where he could balance his career with his priorities at home. Outside of work hours, Edgar can often be found playing soccer with his kids, going to sporting events or spending quality time with his family.

Reminiscing on nearly 20 years at Cox, Edgar fondly said: “I really enjoy the culture that we have. I've dealt with some adversity and I've been able to lean on people here to help me, especially now whether it's family questions or questions about my job.”

Edgar’s sentiment is common at Cox, where every relationship is built on a foundation of trust and respect. It’s one of the reasons so many people looking for a new role first seek out new opportunities within the walls of Cox, knowing that the people are what makes this company so incredible.

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