Advice: "My sales manager gives all the good leads to other sales reps. What can I do?"

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Dear Quota Team

I just started a new job as an SDR at a Series C startup. The company has a good product (although there's a lot of competition) and the company culture is pretty cool. I came from a very corporate-y job so the change is refreshing. However, the sales team definitely has a pecking order, where the reps that have been here the longest get the best lead opportunities. 

I've been getting stuck with really crappy leads that aren't qualified or are just really low contract value. The sales manager routes the better lead opportunities to other reps, who have the same job title as me, but have been here longer. 

I feel like this isn't fair and I'm facing an uphill battle to hit my number while the other reps can just coast with their preferential treatment. I want to bring this up to my sales manager, but I don't want to come off as a complainer. I'm ready to do the work, but I just want the opportunity.

Struggling in Los Angeles   


Dear Struggling,

Based on what you said about the company and product it sounds like you already do have a great opportunity in front of you. It's not uncommon for sales teams to have a pecking order like you explained. When the company has important leads come through the door, it's no surprise that your sales manager wants to send them to the reps he's worked with the longest and trusts to close those big deals.

It sounds like the path to getting better lead opportunities is straightforward: you need to prove yourself and earn the opportunity. Most likely, those reps that get the better leads were in your position not too long ago, and they grinded through it and earned the right to be where they are today. If you focus on yourself and put your head down and get to work for the next 3 months we're certain you'll be in a better place. Good luck!

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