Advice: "My boss put me on a PIP for the second time in two years. I'm extremely stressed"

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Dear Quota Team

I've been selling at the same company for the last 3 years. Last year, I missed my quota two months in a row and my sales manager put me on a PIP. I really buckled down and through what I think was a combination of luck and hard work I was able to improve my numbers and keep my job.

Well, last week my manager put me on a PIP AGAIN. The last few months have been a struggle not just for me, but for a lot of reps in our company. I sell software and from what I understand the whole industry has been struggling recently.

Frankly, I feel disrespected that my manager is putting me through this again. I have a feeling that he's just doing this to light a fire under my ass. I don't know if I want to deal with all the stress of this all over again. What's the endgame? Best case scenario, I get off the PIP again, but continue working here with a feeling that any day my manager will do this to me again. What should I do?

Stressed in California   


Dear Stressed,

There's really only two options here. You buckle down and tough it out to keep your job, or you start looking for a new job immediately.

Last time you were on the PIP, it sounds like you persevered. If you did it once, you should have the confidence to know that you can do it again, even if the market conditions aren't optimal.

However, it doesn't sound like your manager has much faith in you, and the tactics he's using to motivate you are causing you a lot of anxiety. If you don't see yourself being happy working for this company (and this manager) for the next few years, it might be time to start looking for a new job. Just be prepared to explain why you left and don't expect to get a glowing recommendation from your current boss. Good luck!

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