Advice: "I'm in my third year in sales and I'm still not making six-figures"

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Dear Quota Team

This is my 3rd year as a sales rep. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my business degree after college, so I decided to give sales a shot. People told me it would be a good first career to help me learn how to deal with people in a professional setting and that I could make a ton of money.

I set a goal for myself this year to make six figures, which only the top five percent of reps in my company are making. Well, the year is coming to an end and it doesn't look like I'm going to hit my goal. I'm three years in and I'm still not making the type of money I thought I'd be making by now. Even though I hit my quota this year, I'm still not in the six-figure club. 

I do enjoy the highs of the job, like when I close a big deal, but I've been getting discouraged at not being one of the top reps at my company yet. Even with all the hours I'm putting in, I'm still not reaching my financial goals. Any advice?

Discouraged in the Midwest


Dear Discouraged,

If only the top five percent of reps at your company are making six figures, then it’s no wonder you haven’t managed to hit your goal. It’s not that you shouldn’t strive to be in the top five percent (of course you should), it’s that you need to put yourself in a position that maximizes your chances of making as much money as possible.

There are plenty of companies out there where you can hit six figures just by being average. Some industries that come to mind are tech, pharmaceutical, and any industry where you’re selling high-ticket items. Too many reps decide to climb the mountain without taking the time to consider which mountain is the best one to climb. Do your research, then put yourself in a place where you can maximize your time and efforts. Good luck. 

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