Advice: "I make good money selling exotic cars, but I've got FOMO and think I could make even more in tech sales"

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Dear Quota Team

I currently sell exotic cars. It's a pretty cool job, I get to drive them occasionally and I've always been into cars so I do enjoy it. I'm 24 and for someone as young as me to have a job like this, I am grateful. I make about $100K/yr.

The thing is: I read your newsletter every week and often find myself wondering if I'm in the right industry. Software sales execs seem to get paid a lot more than what I'm currently making (in my head, double my current income or more). I do enjoy being around a product that gets me excited (the cars) and the perks are cool, but I am open to other options, especially if it means a substantial increase in pay. I want to own one of these cars one day, not just sell them.

Should I explore it further? Is the grass greener on the other side or is it just an illusion? If not software sales, what other industry might be worth looking at?

Contemplating in Location Withheld 


Dear Contemplating 

While $100k a year is a great income, especially for somebody your age, you can absolutely make more in other sales roles, whether it’s software, hardware, medical device, business services, or any number of other B2B roles. 

Is the grass greener on the other side? The grass is greener where you water it. Are you the type of person who will do whatever it takes to make a lot of money, and would be willing to work hard selling any product or service as long as the potential income was there or do you need passion for the product and role to perform at your best? 

Granted, you might be too young and (this isn’t a dig) inexperienced to know the answer, but it comes down to personal values. Some people want the high six and seven-figure checks and are endlessly driven by that chase. Others will only come alive if they care about what they’re selling. Sometimes, the only way to figure out the right answer is to try something else. 

To sum it up: you can absolutely make a ton of money in other sales roles, this is not an illusion. But as to whether you’ll be happier here or there, only you can figure that out for yourself. Good luck! 

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