Advice: “I freaked out on my annoying coworker, now he won’t talk to me”

Dear Quota Team

This might be a weird question, but I work inside sales and we’re in-office full time. There’s a guy who sits next to me who is a few years older than me. Ever since he was put next to me, I have had to listen to him go on and on about his glory days of being in high school (I’m not even kidding) and how great of an athlete he was and how much he partied and how girls loved him.

Well, one day I was in a pissed off mood because of a customer and some home stuff, and while I was on the call he was talking about his glory days again. When I got off the phone, I turned to him and said, “Dude, you’re forty-three years old. Nobody gives a s*&t that you peaked in high school.” 

Needless to say, it did not go over well. This guy barely acknowledges me anymore, and I feel like he purposely tries to exclude me from conversations with our coworkers. Is there anything you think I can do to fix this situation or should I just write him off? I wouldn’t say I care that much, just curious what other people’s thoughts are. 

Wondering in Location Withheld    


Dear Wondering,

If you really want to fix the situation, you could try apologizing. But, it’s worth pointing out that you got what you wanted: you no longer have to listen to him talk about how he scored four touchdowns in a single game at Polk High. It’s probably best to just focus on selling and leave the guy alone. 

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