Advice: "I don't work very hard but still beat my quota. I feel like I don't deserve to be making this much money"

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Dear Quota Team

I'm an AE for a healthcare company, and I think I earn too much for what I actually do. I make the bare minimum amount of calls each day (20-25) calls a day but I'm always at or above quota. I 'actually' work for like 3 or 4 hours a day. I know I'm privileged, and I constantly feel like I'm undeserving of what I earn because I don't do what most other salespeople do. Do you think that's okay? And what's your advice?

Conflicted in Location withheld 


Dear Conflicted,

If you polled 10,000 salespeople, nearly every single one would say they’d rather be in your position than the reverse: not making what they feel they deserve. Even the word “deserve” is a bit questionable. What does anybody actually deserve? Some people get sick, others stay healthy. Does either person actually deserve what happens to them?

Our advice is twofold. First, enjoy it while it lasts. Just because you’re coasting right now doesn’t mean things will always be that way. The one constant in the business world is change, and there’s no guarantee your company won’t change your comp plan, or will eventually become obsolete. 

Second, what would happen if you worked harder? What if you put in 6-8 hours a day? Would you make twice as much? If so, then that’s exactly what you should do. Maximize your income while things are good, because when they’re not, you’re going to wish you had. And if you feel guilty about making too much money, then take whatever you don’t need and give it to charity. But sitting around feeling bad about making too much for doing too little is a waste of time. Business is business. Good luck! 

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