The 10 highest paying tech sales jobs of Q1 2023

There’s been a lot of commotion in tech – especially with sales forces getting laid off en masse. Still, the income potential remains strong. So which companies are paying their sales reps the most in Q1 2023? We reached out to our friends at RepVue to find out. The following list is sorted by OTE. Tap on a company to view more stats like quota attainment, product market fit score, and inbound lead flow score. 

1) IBM - $385,000

Strategic account executives here have an OTE of 385k and top performers can bring in 782k+.

About: You may have heard of this company before. The oldest technology company still in existence, Big Blue tops the list of top paying tech sales jobs. 

2) UiPath - $350,000

SLED AEs at UiPath have a reported OTE of 350k, and top performers can bring in 945k+. Around 56% of the reps are hitting quota. 

About: UiPath offers the leading end-to-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. 

3) Workboard - $350,000

Enterprise AEs here have a median OTE of 350k and top performers can bring in 497k+. The amount of reps hitting quota there is below average though, coming in at 32%.

About: WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform powers the digital operating rhythm for companies around the globe, providing organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth.

4) Salesloft - $340,000

Strategic account executives at Salesloft have an OTE of 340k and top performers can bring in 876k+.

About: Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. 

5) Harness - $340,000

Strategic AEs at Harness have a median OTE of 340k. The top performing reps can bring in 1.26M. 

About: Harness is a platform designed to help companies accelerate their cloud initiatives as well as their adoption of containers and orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Amazon ECS.

6) Boomi - $330,000

Enterprise AEs here have an OTE of 330k and the top performers are reported to bring in more than $1M a year. 

About: Boomi is the platform for intelligent connectivity and automation. Connect everyone to everything, anywhere. 

7) Gong - $330,000

Strategic account executives here have a median OTE of 330k and the top performers can bring in over 1M per year. 55% of reps are hitting quota, which is above the industry average. 

About: Gong enables revenue teams to realize their fullest potential by unveiling their customer reality with their patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™

View the entire list of highest paying AE jobs here

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