Advice: "My sales manager started giving me the cold shoulder. What should I do?"

Dear Quota Team,

I’ve been at my current company for a little over three years. About a year ago, our team got a new sales manager. He was moved over from another one of the company’s sales teams, where he had worked his way up after being a rep himself for a number of years.

We hit it off quite well. He was always helpful when I needed advice, and over time, we developed a friendship. We weren’t best friends or anything, but we would occasionally hang out outside of work, and I went with him to a few games when he got comped free tickets. 

About two months ago, he started acting really cold toward me. He started giving me one word answers, taking forever to respond over messenger over the most basic things, and instead of coming over and saying hello every day like he used to whenever we were in the office, he would basically just nod at me in the morning and avoid me the rest of the day.

Something has definitely changed, but I have no clue if I did something to piss him off or if there’s something going on with him or what. I did ask him if anything was the matter and he said “No, not at all,” without even making eye contact. What should I do here? Keep pushing the issue or just ignore it and hope he eventually comes around? 

Confused in Location Withheld 


Dear Confused,

It’s unlikely you’ll ever know what caused your sales manager’s sudden change of heart, but chances are, if you keep asking him, it’ll just make the situation more volatile. 

Your best bet is to focus on your job and behave as professionally as possible. Hopefully, it’s not so awkward that you can’t continue to do good work. Let it go. Good luck! 

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