Advice: "My coworker brags about how great he is at sales. I can't stand it anymore"

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Dear Quota Team,

I’m a long-time sales rep and work on a busy sales floor with about sixty other reps, and probably another hundred or so customer service reps. We work in a big facility with a call center and a cafeteria and the whole nine. 

I’m writing in because I have a very annoying problem, which is the person who sits next to me and has been there for close to six months now. At first, I thought he was kind of entertaining. He is in his late twenties and has a ton of energy. He’s really into motivational content and always posting Grant Cardone quotes and stuff like that, if that gives you any idea. 

The main problem I have with him is how incredibly cocky he is despite the fact that he’s one of the most inconsistent reps I’ve ever worked with. This is basically what happens: he has a great month and then goes around bragging about how great as sales he is, and offers unsolicited advice to everybody else, telling us if we just did this one thing, we would close more deals.

Then, the following month, he’ll completely blank, and will quiet down a bit, or make excuses for why he’s not closing any deals. During these “down” months, he’ll start to sandbag deals for the following month, then will have a really good performance because he socked those deals away intentionally, knowing that he wasn’t going to hit his goal. 

I don’t know why, but his behavior infuriates me, especially his cockiness. Should I call this guy out and tell him he’s not God’s gift to the sales universe, or should I just stay quiet and laugh at him (which is what I’ve been doing) until either he or I end up getting moved? Honestly, it can’t happen soon enough.  

Annoyed in Texas 


Dear Annoyed,

Every sales floor has one. Well, maybe not every sales floor, but close. They brag, they annoy, they throw their success in everybody’s face, but when they’re having a bad month, they won’t make a peep. 

Your best bet is to ignore him and worry about yourself. Why let this guy live rent free in your head? It’s giving him exactly what he wants. Plus, this can be a good way to develop better focus – focusing on the things you need to be doing rather than what he’s up to. 

At the end of the day, we’ll all have to deal with people we can’t stand, whether it’s at work, with our neighbors, or people in our personal lives. Use this as an opportunity to master yourself. He’ll probably never change, so expect to see those lion memes for the foreseeable future.

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